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The First and Only ServiceNow Certified Integration Solution for Oracle EBS
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The First and Only ServiceNow Certified Integration Solution for Oracle EBS
In the modern enterprise, companies embrace a best-of-breed app strategy. However, those apps probably don’t work very well with each other – or with your legacy software. The biggest challenge of multi-app strategy is its inherent complexity – different technologies, different interfaces, different services, and different terminologies. Jade Global’s JadeConnect solves this puzzle by providing a complete set of solutions and a portfolio of prebuilt integrations for all of your integration needs around ServiceNow. JadeConnect is an integration solution, powered by the ServiceNow platform and supports two-way, real-time, or batch integration with packaged or custom applications residing in the cloud or on-premise. JadeConnect also offers a comprehensive suite of prebuilt integrations called “SmartAdapters” that integrate the most commonly used cloud-based apps and business processes around ServiceNow.

Portfolio of adapters



The First and Only ServiceNow Certified Integration Solution for Oracle EBS



Powered By ServiceNow Platform

JadeConnect is built on top of ServiceNow’s secure, reliable, and trusted enterprise application platform


JadeConnect allows you to seamlessly configure end-to-end business process as per your business requirements with the help of prebuilt “SmartAdapters”. It provides an innovative interface to manage field mapping, validations, transformation, and actions

Pre-built Application Adapters

JadeConnect offers enterprise-grade prebuilt integrations between well-known applications. The “SmartAdapters” have been built for business functionality and processes. Every adapter comes prebuilt with a set of field mappings, transformation rules, validation rules, and business actions



JadeConnect offers multitude of configuration options to optimize the integration to fit your business requirements


Jadeconnect provides simple yet intuitive dashboard to monitor and manage each instance of an integration flow. It allows you to easily track integration flows – number of records processed, errors identified, and issues addressed through retry capabilities


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